Environment & Agriculture

Biden rule protecting lesser prairie-chicken overturned by U.S. Senate

BY: - May 3, 2023

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed, on a 50-48 vote, a resolution overturning a Biden administration rule that listed a popular Southwestern game bird under a federal endangered species designation. The White House has vowed President Joe Biden would veto the resolution if it clears Congress. Similar legislation has been introduced in the […]

Judge: Iowa’s pipeline land survey law is unconstitutional

BY: - May 3, 2023

Iowa state law that allows hazardous liquid pipeline companies access to private land for surveys is unconstitutional because it doesn’t provide compensation for intangible damages suffered by landowners, a district court judge has ruled. “The damages resulting from a landowner’s loss of his right to exclusive use of his property are subjective in the same […]

‘Water is everything’: Nebraska senators tour site for Perkins County Canal

BY: - May 2, 2023

LINCOLN — Nearly a dozen state senators on dual trips toured western Nebraska and parts of Colorado to survey the area that could be part of the proposed Perkins County Canal. On the respective Friday and Monday trips, two groups toured areas that would be served by the multimillion-dollar effort started by then-Gov. Pete Ricketts in […]

Nebraska Environmental Trust

Friends of state trust say proposed transfer of $14 million might be unconstitutional

BY: - May 2, 2023

LINCOLN— Supporters of the Nebraska Environmental Trust called on state lawmakers Tuesday to reject a proposed transfer of $14 million out of the Trust as likely unconstitutional. Sandy Scofield, a former state senator and head of the Friends of the Environmental Trust, and Lynn Roper, a former member of the Trust Board, said the Trust was […]

Omaha beekeeper encourages vigilance to protect honeybees from contagious, deadly disease

BY: - May 2, 2023

OMAHA — An Omaha beekeeper is raising awareness to fight American foulbrood, a deadly, contagious disease that strikes honeybees. Mark Welsch, a beekeeper who owns Elmwood Park Honey in Omaha, destroyed 50,000 bees last week in three colonies owned by Linda Lundeen in Omaha after determining the colonies were infected with the disease. “Beekeepers, be […]


First-ever state ‘birding bowl’ offers prizes of up to $1,000

BY: - April 30, 2023

LINCOLN — Bird watchers could earn up to a $1,000 prize by participating in a first-ever “Birding Bowl” in Nebraska. The free, statewide birding competition will take place throughout May, which is Nebraska Bird Month. In the competition, bird watchers log their observations into a web-based “eBird” system, which provides data for bird conservation while […]

Pork processor partially owned by Pillen gets $25 million federal grant

BY: - April 29, 2023

OMAHA — Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen is one of about 200 farmer-owners of a pork processing plant in Fremont, Neb., that was awarded a $25 million federal grant to help add a second shift. Pillen, whose family runs a Columbus-based hog operation, Pillen Family Farms, is also part-owner of Wholestone Farms, a pork processing company […]

Here’s where gas prices are headed (for now) and why

BY: - April 28, 2023

Higher temperatures. Higher gas prices.  Drivers across the country have seen that seasonal given play out in recent weeks. The national average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.64 on April 27, up 21 cents over the previous month, according to AAA.  The good news is that gas is 50 cents below where it […]

With decarbonization, advocates see a bright future for nuclear after decades of dormancy 

BY: - April 25, 2023

IDAHO FALLS, Id.  — At the sprawling array of laboratories and test facilities in the southeastern Idaho desert where the U.S. nuclear power industry was born more than 70 years ago, past, present and future are converging. Not far from where the first reactor to ever produce usable electricity made history in 1951, Idaho National […]

Water conservation efforts in southwest Nebraska get nearly $2 million boost from federal grants

BY: - April 24, 2023

OMAHA — Nearly $2 million in federal grant funds will go to two water conservation projects in southwest Nebraska, the Department of the Interior has announced. A $1.1 million grant is to help defray the cost of a $2.68 million project in the Middle Republican Natural Resources District. The district includes at least parts of […]

ditch irrigation

Proposed merger of central Nebraska utility districts headed for a do-over

BY: - April 24, 2023

LINCOLN — A proposed merger of two central Nebraska power utility districts is headed for a do-over after the initial application was rejected Monday on a technicality. The Nebraska Power Review Board, which has to approve such mergers, ruled that it cannot approve the merger of the Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District and […]

pipeline spill

Massive pipeline spill caused by crack created during installation, third-party review concludes

BY: - April 21, 2023

LINCOLN — A third-party review of a pipeline spill that released 500,000 gallons of crude oil onto Kansas farmland and a nearby stream was caused by a crack in the metal pipe that eventually ruptured under pressure. That was the conclusion of a third-party review that was ordered by a federal pipeline safety agency to […]