Sharon Hammer

Sharon Hammer

Dr. Sharon Hammer, a Nebraska native, graduated from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and completed a psychiatry residency at Washington University in St. Louis. She is a perinatal psychiatrist and established the first Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic in the state of Nebraska. She continues to serve as the director of the Reproductive Psychiatry Clinic, where she leads a multi-disciplinary team. Dr. Hammer received the 2019 award for Excellence in Service to Medicaid of Nebraska. She is a volunteer for the DHHS Maternal Mortality Review Committee to reduce maternal mortality in Nebraska. This commentary reflects the sole opinion of the author’s.


Nebraska families deserve a choice when faced with an expectant parent’s worst nightmare

By: and - May 16, 2023

“Lethal fetal anomaly” is the medical term used to describe a severe birth defect that results in an infant’s death shortly after delivery. It is a devastating, heartbreaking finding on a pregnancy ultrasound and every expectant parent’s worst nightmare. It means that their beloved child will not survive. Some parents choose to continue the pregnancy. […]